Jean-Christophe Pandolfi

Executive Advisors Insurance Brokerage

1994-2006 : General Agent AXA specialized in insurance for small and medium-sized companies (Marseille)

2006-2008 : Director of Strategy and Business Development for an import/manufacturing/distribution company in the US (Atlanta)

2009-2012 : Insurance broker for the US subsidiaries of French SMEs (Miami)

2013-2015 : CEO of the regional subsidiary of a large French insurance broker (DIOT MONTAGNE, Annecy)

2015-2018 : Director of the international division of a major insurance broker (JP COLONNA, Paris)

2018- : manager of an insurance brokerage and consulting company Neuville SAS (Paris) :

  • Design and deployment of a health comparator for expatriates,
  • M&A insurance: support to ASTORG and EURAZEO funds on acquisitions in the brokerage sector (ACTURIS LONDON 1MM, ADD VALUE 15MM, ASSURCOPRO 222MM)
  • Insurance support for ETIs specializing in Cosmetics or Energy: risk mapping, insurability matrix, program optimization, risk placement (Co-brokerage with a broker specializing in ETIs)