Communiqués de presse - 11 September 2023

Largillière Finance advised Maison Boinaud on the sale of its subsidiary Biossent to TFF Group

Investment bank Largillière Finance has advised the family shareholders of Maison Boinaud, an historic spirits producer since the 17th century, on their sale of their subsidiary Biossent to TFF GROUP, listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange (Euronext ISIN : FR0013295789)

Maison Boinaud is a family group established since the 17th century in the heart of Grande Champagne (Cognac), and managed by Charles and Rémi Boinaud, in the 24th generation. Its 420-hectare vineyard is the largest family estate in the region.

Founded in 1989 by Maison Boinaud, Biossent extracts active principles from oak wood and vines for the ageing of wines and spirits [through its two brands Boisé Sélection for spirits and Oenotan Sélection for wine].

Thanks to its outstanding mastery of the production process, Biossent has acquired a strong reputation that enables it to serve 110 customers in 15 countries, including the United States, on all 5 continents. Exports now account for 60% of sales. Wishing to refocus on spirits, Maison Boinaud decided to transfer Biossent to a company able to capitalize on its assets and support it in an ambitious growth project, and appointed Largillière Finance.

TFF Group has grown from the historic business of Tonnellerie François Frères to become the international leader in the design, production and marketing of oak barrels for the production of top-of-the-range wines and the ageing of spirits. The group, listed on Euronext, is run by the 4th generation. It has 1300 employees worldwide. With the acquisition of Biossent, TFF Group strengthens its position in the dynamic sector of wood products for oenology, and broadens its offer.

Charles Boinaud comments: "We would like to thank Largillière Finance for successfully carrying out this transaction between family-run companies, deploying exceptional know-how to adapt to our specific issues. We are particularly confident in TFF Group's ability to keep Biossent growing and progressing, while respecting the quality of its offer, its artisanal culture and its human values.

Paul Bougnoux, CEO and founder of Largillière Finance, adds: "Largillière Finance's mission is to support Family Groups and their shareholders in their strategic thinking and operations over the long term. In this respect, the Biossent-TFF Group deal, which creates value for all parties involved, is an excellent example of the bank's DNA and expertise.

Nathanaël Blanc, Director at Largillière Finance, concludes: "Solidly rooted in its local area, Biossent has build up an expertise recognized throughout the world. We are delighted to accompany the Boinaud family in the sale of this company to a buyer such as TFF Group, which embodies French know-how on an international scale.

Liste des intervenants :

Seller: Maison Boinaud
Charles et Rémi Boinaud
Buyer: TFF Group Jérôme François, Romain Liagre
Seller M&A Advisor: Largillière Finance

Paul Bougnoux, Nathanaël Blanc, Jérémy Pont

Buyer M&A Advisor: ECA Nexia

Eric Gaboriaud
Seller Legal Advisor: TMV Avocats Paul-André Vigné
Buyer Legal Advisor: Cabinet Patriat Silvère Patriat, Delphine Tissier

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